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Though some people might be familiar with the role played by digital issues in criminal matters (e.g., search engine data from the computers of murder suspects), few, if any, regularly understand how digital issues arise in civil litigation. At Nashville Vanguard Law, however, we hold a keen appreciation for how digital evidence can make or break a civil case.

Our firm represents individuals and businesses in their most sensitive civil litigation cases. We also regularly work with in-house and existing counsel as part of their litigation teams. Those cases routinely involve questions regarding digital evidence, particularly where questions arise concerning e-discovery, cellphone records, digital cameras, mobile devices and much more.

How Can We Help You

You can count on us to help you in any number of civil matters involving digital issues. Some of those cases involve:

  • Cloud and social media items, including Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud and more
  • Digital devices such as Xbox, Playstation and iPads
  • Agreements and contracts, including software consulting agreements, licensing, IT service agreements, SOW and SLA

When helping you, our office draws on the more than 30 years of technology experience held by our firm's founding attorney, John H. Morris. With his experience in sales, management and technology, attorney Morris holds a firsthand knowledge of these issues. He combines that knowledge with the legal judgment you want when assessing your options in any given civil matter involving digital issues.

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