Strategically Drafted Agreements

Business owners and in-house counsel alike can look to Nashville Vanguard Law for experienced representation when crafting effective agreements and contracts related to digital matters. The founding lawyer of Nashville Vanguard Law, John H. Morris, puts more than 30 years of technology experience to work on behalf of our firm's clients.

Agreements Informed By Practical Experience

Our firm draws on extensive business experience to provide individuals and businesses with contracts and agreements designed to prevent disputes from arising and, where disputes are unavoidable, to limit risk. We can offer that level of service because we represent clients in matters both civil and criminal, adversarial and transactional.

Because we represent clients in resolving litigated disputes, we build those insights into a variety of agreements and contracts, including:

  • Software consulting agreements
  • Business formation papers
  • Licensing agreements
  • IT service agreements
  • SOW
  • SLA

In-house counsel make us part of their teams when their business clients have unique one-time or occasional needs in drafting contracts and agreements. Those in-house counsel know our reputation for working one-on-one with our clients to provide them with agreements that take into account their entire business.

Our work in this area also incorporates perspectives we have gained over the years of advising clients through our digital forensics consulting business, CyberTruth, LLC. We know the cutting-edge issues facing today's clients in the business world as well as the emerging trends that will affect them in the future. You can count on us to build agreements and contracts for you that take those matters into account so you can move forward with your business confidently.

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