We See What You Don’t

Why work with Nashville Vanguard Law? When you, your business or your client is facing digital related issues, you want someone on your side who already knows this emerging terrain.

Whereas digital issues in the past were often overlooked by courts and opposing counsel alike, today's legal arena affords no such relief. Instead, it has become commonplace now to discover and analyze digital evidence to be found, not only in electronic devices such as phones, but also on social media and in the cloud, including Google Drive, OneDrive and more.

How We Can Help You

Digital discovery, both reviewing produced discovery as well as producing it yourself for opposing parties, can be burdensome. The sheer volume of the amount of production can be significant. Additionally, understanding what must be turned over and what can be withheld (and how to do so properly) poses its own difficulties.

We have been down these roads before in both civil and criminal matters. Furthermore, we operate our own independent digital forensics service, CyberTruth, LLC.

We can offer that level of service because we draw on the experience held by our founding lawyer, John H. Morris. Attorney Morris has more than 30 years of technology experience in a comprehensive variety of positions, including sales, management and technology itself.

As a result, we hold a firsthand knowledge of how technology actually works. You can depend on us to proactively identify and manage legal risks posed to you when your case involves issues related to social media and the cloud.

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