It’s Not Just Cellphones Anymore

Too few people today understand the almost limitless ways evidence can be gathered digitally in today's lawsuits. It's not just cellphones and search histories. It's also Xboxes, Playstations, Amazon Echos, Nest home thermostats and more. If it's digital, it carries a log of activity and that log of activity can serve the needs of an innovative attorney, no matter what side of a case you may be on.

For that reason, when you are involved in civil litigation, whether it's in your own personal capacity, as the owner of a business, or as in-house counsel, you want someone in your corner who understands how to manage those digital issues. Nashville Vanguard Law serves that role for people, businesses and in-house counsel throughout the Nashville, Tennessee, area.

Experienced Digital Counsel

For more than 30 years, our founding lawyer, John H. Morris, worked in sales, management and technology. As a result, he holds a practical understanding of how digital devices work that our entire firm draws on to advise you intelligently.

Today's gaming devices, for instance, are also chatrooms with their own activity logs, storing messages much like cellphones. Those records are now requested in any number of cases ranging from divorce to business intellectual property disputes.

In fact, attorney Morris advises businesses individuals, and other attorneys regarding their digital practices even outside of litigation through his business, CyberTruth, LLC. As a result, he knows how to advise clients in order to help them avoid litigation in the future.

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