Technology Is Everywhere

In all forms of criminal cases today, technology can play a role. The police regularly look to smart phones, for instance, for evidence of geographic locations and other cell phone data. That information can either be used for you or against you.

For that reason, when you are facing criminal charges, it is time for you to put someone on your side who knows how the system works and the ways it is changing in response to emerging technologies. If your case is going to involve digital issues, then the stakes will only be that much higher.

At Nashville Vanguard Law, we regularly advise clients facing criminal charges that involve sophisticated and emerging digital issues. Clients from throughout the Nashville, Tennessee, area have turned to us for help when their criminal cases involve cellphones, family computers, online postings and more.

Years Of Experience

Our ability to advise you intelligently in criminal matters involving digital issues stems in part from the experience held by our founding lawyer, John H. Morris. Attorney Morris spent more than 30 years working in the technology sector.

As a result, he knows how to anticipate and identify legally significant facts and issues that could be missed by someone less experienced with computers and technology. You can depend on us to address digital issues in your case even if you yourself do not see them.

We firmly believe in the role played in our justice system by effective defense counsel. It is our job to protect you against the state. For that reason, we represent clients in a comprehensive variety of criminal matters, including those cases related to white collar crimes as well as child pornography.

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