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If you are dealing with charges related to child pornography in the Nashville, Tennessee, area, you are facing some of the most serious criminal charges in our society. You need intelligent legal representation now. Call us at 615-326-4063.

How Can We Help You?

The charges against you regularly involve issues concerning digital evidence. Home computers, tablets, cellphones, gaming systems, televisions, basically anything digital carries with it some form of activity log. They carry a wide variety of metadata that can play a role in making or breaking your case.

For that reason, you want a law firm on your side that believes in your rights and that knows how to protect them. Nashville Vanguard Law can be that firm.

We believe in the right of every individual under the law to protect themselves against the actions of the state. We make it our job to be your champion in this situation.

Our founding lawyer, John H. Morris, combines his legal knowledge with more than 30 years of technology experience. He has defended clients in child porngraphy cases both as an attorney and a digital forensics expert working for other attorneys.

Additionally, he operates a separate business, CyberTruth, LLC, committed solely to the needs of businesses and individuals seeking to understand and manage their digital assets, including intellectual property, digital security and metadata, among other concerns.

Furthermore, you will work directly with attorney Morris himself. Our firm is purposefully structured to provide you with legal representation tailored to your specific circumstances. We can deliver that level of representation to you because attorney Morris takes the time to get to know you, the specifics of your case and your unique legal goals.

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