Protecting Your Rights In White Collar Cases

White collar criminal charges have rarely received more scrutiny than they have since the 2008 financial crisis. Those charges, even if successfully fought, can wreak havoc on your business dealings and personal relationships.

For that reason, you want to work with a firm that understands all the dimensions related to today's white collar criminal charges. Most significantly, those charges can require the discovery and examination of untold amounts of digital evidence.

Nashville Vanguard Law can advise you intelligently in those circumstances. Our firm's founding lawyer, John H. Morris, spent more than 30 years working for technology companies. He knows how technology works and he understands how the law and technology intersect. In fact, he also operates his own digital forensics company, Cybertruth, LLC, helping individuals and businesses throughout the Nashville, Tennessee, area manage their legal exposure in digital matters.

We Believe In Your Rights

Our firm stands committed to protecting your rights against the state. We do that by having you work directly with attorney Morris.

We can assist you in a comprehensive variety of criminal defense matters. Whether you are facing charges of embezzlement, fraud, intellectual property theft or some other white collar criminal defense, you can entrust your case to us confidently. We will help you know your rights and understand how to move forward intelligently with your case.

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