We Want You To Live The Way You Want To Live

At Nashville Vanguard Law, our firm maintains a focused commitment on protecting clients' rights to live as they see fit. As part of our larger commitment, we work to protect everyone's First Amendment rights.

Why Work With Us?

Each First Amendment case is unique. One specific fact can change the entire case.

For that reason, you want an attorney on your side who knows how to identify those facts you may not know are important in a wide variety of First Amendment cases, including those situations involving questions of:

  • Free speech
  • Religious freedom
  • Right to privacy
  • Freedom of association

Our firm can do that because our founding lawyer, John H. Morris, has purposefully structured our Nashville, Tennessee, area firm to maximize personalized attention. Our team takes the time to get to know you and your story, so we can provide you with the legal representation that responds directly to your legal needs and goals.

If your case involves digital issues, Nashville Vanguard Law stands ready to help. We make digital issues a focus of our practice, drawing on the more than 30 years of technology experience held by attorney Morris.

Our office handles, just by way of example, First Amendment cases involving cloud technology, social media postings, criminal defense matters and more. Not only do we know how to use digital issues as a defensive tool, we also know how to use digital evidence (or the lack thereof) to disprove assertions by your opponent.

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