Who else can hurt your divorce on social media?

Earlier this year, we discussed how your activities on social media during your divorce can be used against you. Your spouse can use any sketchy location posts or questionable pictures to gain more assets or child custody time over you. If you still want to update your followers during this difficult period, you need to remain as cautious and private as possible.

However, it isn’t just your Facebook or Instagram accounts you need to worry about. Even if you completely ban yourself from posting anything online until the proceedings are done, that may not stop several other people that are close to you and your spouse from making controversial updates. It is important to understand which people you may want to keep a close eye on during this difficult period.

Your friends

Friends may be there to support you during this tough transition, but there are several ways they can make your separation worse. Even if you adjust your settings to avoid getting tagged in photos online without permission, your pals can still simply post photos online without tagging you.

If your spouse or a friend of your spouse follows them online, then they can see what activities your buddy did that you were a part of. Pictures of getting drunk at a bar or party don’t bode well when arguing for child custody.

You also need to keep in mind that your friend circle may split when your buddies find out you and your spouse are divorcing. Some will be on your spouse’s side, while some may be too much on your side. Try to avoid making any serious complaints about your spouse in front of them that they may post online later.

Your new love interest

Some people are able to move on quicker than others after deciding on divorce. If you start seeing someone before the proceedings begin, revealing that information too soon could give your spouse an advantage in the courtroom. They can use it to try and prove that you weren’t faithful to them or that you already have prior commitments that could prevent you from raising your kid.

Regardless if your boyfriend or girlfriend is someone your spouse knows about or not, you never know who can come across their Facebook or Twitter accounts regardless if they are private or not. One post may be all it takes for them to connect the dots on your relationship.

If you know any close friends that tend to reveal way too much online, you may want to warn them how much social media can affect divorce proceedings and consider how much time you should spend with them during this time. Social media has become a contributing factor in many divorces, but you need to remember that the drama isn’t just limited to you and your spouse’s status updates.

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