You may want a social media prenup

Drawing up a prenuptial agreement can have many benefits for your future. While no one enters a marriage planning for the day they might divorce, it can be smart to consider protecting your assets in case the unexpected happens.

In 2019, however, what you might consider an asset worth protecting could go beyond finances, real estate or material goods. More and more young couples are reportedly creating prenups that include a clause on social media, banning their potential ex-spouses from blackmailing them online.

If you and your spouse-to-be are active social media users, you may want to consider how including a social media clause in your prenup could work to your advantage:

  • Protect your career: In an increasingly digital world, many people's social media activity may make a significant impact on their careers. You may be an entrepreneur whose online personality is integral to the success of your business, or a designer who regularly posts original art work online. You could even be actively looking for new jobs, and a company's impression of you on social media may affect your likelihood of getting hired. Regardless of the situation, you may want to protect your professional success at all costs.
  • Protect your personal privacy: Your career does not have to be on the line for you to be concerned with what your potential ex-spouse may or may not post about you. You may simply be interested in preserving your personal privacy. Including a social media clause in your prenup could allow you to control what side of you your friends, family or anyone else in your online network gets to see.

Planning ahead may be easier

While you and your spouse-to-be may not be parting ways anytime soon, it may be better to discuss protecting your online reputations now while you are both more likely to be in a trusting relationship. This may save you time and effort should you find yourselves in an unexpectedly bitter divorce where preventing blackmail may not be guaranteed.

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